Sustainability Success

Miltton and its clients received praise in the 16th annual Finnish Sustainability Report Competition. Outotec’s Sustainability Report 2010, which was created together with Miltton gained an honourable mention. Kesko was nominated as the best performer in sustainability reporting in 2010.

Outotec’s awarded report was the company’s first-ever sustainability report. It was praised for its comprehensive reporting of the impacts of not only the company’s own operations and supply chain but also for the impact on the industry as a whole. The jury stated that on the basis of this first sustainability report, Outotec can already be considered as one of the best sustainability reporters in Finland.

In addition to professional jury, in 2011 the reports were also evaluated by the most important stakeholder groups consisting of analysts, students and representatives of the NGOs and media. Stora Enso’s report was chosen as the best sustainability report by the analysts and NGO representatives. The report received good feedback especially for its open way of dealing with the criticism towards Stora Enso’s operations.

Media’s choice for the best sustainability report in 2010 was Wärtsilä’s web report, also produced in co-operation with Miltton. Clear structure and the reporting of personnel issues were highlighted as the merits of the report. Students considered Kesko’s report to be the best sustainability report in 2010.

All sustainability reports taking part in the competition were evaluated by the jury that consisted of representatives of the Aalto School of Economics, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the Finnish Business & Society network, the Association for Environmental Management, the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the KHT association and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. Evaluated reports were from enterprises on the Helsinki stock exchange’s main list and from 20 other companies that had entered in the competition.