The Scenario Project by Miltton and Finland Chamber of Commerce Offers Prospects for Finnish Companies in the Turning Point in Geopolitics and Economy

The changes in geopolitics and in the world’s economy cause navigation problems for Finnish companies. The scenario project aims to offer Finnish companies a strong and international vision and understanding on how to succeed in the operational environment after Brexit, Trump, and the technological disruption.

Miltton and Finland Chamber of Commerce are launching a joint scenario project that aims at decreasing the uncertainty caused by the current situation in the world politics. The project investigates, defines, and predicts the effects of the geopolitical, economic, and technological changes on the Finnish economy. The project manager is the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Risto E.J. Penttilä. Miltton is responsible for the execution.

“Along with Brexit, Trump, and the accelerating technological evolution, we now live in the middle of a major break in the world politics and economy. Finnish companies need to examine what kind of future prospects the disruption brings, and most of the companies lack the tools for doing the analysis. The meaning of the scenario project is to bring together the experts in the field and wrap the visions of the future in an understandable form for the Finnish companies to use,” says the CEO of Finland Chamber of Commerce, Risto E.J. Penttilä.

The target of the scenario project is to ensure that the Finnish companies can position themselves accordingly and even benefit from the prevalent political and economic situation.

“The change is also an opportunity. I believe all eyes will soon turn to the Nordic countries, as we have a strong industrial legacy, technological advantage, modern and responsible brands, and both liberal and equal societies. In the future, we can be forerunners if we are able to perceive the overall picture accurately enough”, comments the CEO of Miltton Group, Mathias Järnström.

The scenario project will include 10 to 12 Finnish companies. The project will start during the spring 2017, and its duration is approximately 12 to 18 months. The lessons learnt will be widely distributed to the economic life after and possibly throughout the project.


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