Thesis Competition 2015

Does your thesis bring new insights into marketing communications? If so, we want to hear about it.

Miltton’s thesis competition, now held for the fourth time, is looking for a Master’s thesis that can offer fresh views into different aspects of marketing communications, both in terms of business and research. The competition is open for all Master level theses approved in 2014 or 2015, but no later than 30 November 2015.

We believe that marketing communications cannot be limited to established conventions. That is why we don’t want to limit the works to only those that cover marketing communication issues, but we encourage you to be open-minded, think analytically and work in a multidisciplinary way. How you approach your topic is your own choice.

Who can participate?

Whether you study marketing, communications, management, language, psychology, sociology or design – your thesis may have a lot to offer to the practices of business life and to defining the societal role of marketing communications. The thesis can be written in Finnish, English or Swedish.

Only the author of the work can apply to this competition. There can be several authors for one thesis, in which case the possible prize will be divided between the members of the group.

How can I participate?

Send us your work as a pdf file to by 30 November 2015. Name the file: ownname_gradukilpailu.pdf. Introduce your work by attaching an abstract of max one page or a video of approximately 3 minutes in which you describe your topic, research method, results and your own interpretation of why this work is of interest to professionals and researchers in the field.

What is the prize?

If your work qualifies among the five best, you will proceed to the finals and get to present your ideas and work to a jury of business and research professionals. The winning work will be chosen among these five finalists and awarded with a price of 3,000 euros. Please note that the winner will pay the possible taxes arising from the prize.


  • The novelty and innovativeness of the chosen topic
  • The managerial implications for the marketing communications industry
  • Academic quality: theoretical and empirical perspective, analytical and critical approach
  • The contestants that qualify for the finals are also evaluated based on how they present their work and their ability to answer the jury’s questions

Please send any questions regarding the competition to Mirkka Aarti:

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