Tuuli Kousa returns to Miltton

Tuuli Kousa, previously the special adviser to Pekka Haavisto, the Minister of state ownership steering, is returning to Miltton. Kousa has been a director and team leader at Miltton before her duties as special adviser. On her return, she will become the second deputy managing director of Miltton Oy, the biggest subsidiary of the Miltton group.

“Tuuli is widely known as very competent and she has a great track record. Now her experience has grown, and she will have a central role in Miltton’s continued growth and development”, says Mathias Järnström, Miltton’s managing director.

“As the special adviser to the Minister of state ownership steering, I have had a challenging and important job. It has given me a wide view of the Finnish society. Now it is time to return to Miltton, a company with strong growth in a tough economic climate. It is more important than ever for us to understand the operational environment of our clients. I am also excited about this gang that creates the most interesting communication in Finland”, says Tuuli Kousa.

The Miltton group has seen continued growth during 2014. In the first half, the company grew over 20 % compared to last year. The number of employees has during 2014 grown to one hundred.