Ville Kopra appointed as Chief Economist of Miltton Group

Finland’s largest communications agency group, Miltton Group, has appointed Ville Kopra as its Chief Economist from 1 April 2017 onwards. With this appointment, Miltton will introduce the role of Chief Economist to the marketing communications scene. The appointment is done in order to support the growth of Finnish and Nordic businesses by mixing different societal understanding with creative thinking.

“For years, we have worked at developing communications and marketing by breaking down the silo effect in society and increasing interaction between different actors in the society. Ville’s appointment will strengthen our ability to offer our clients a comprehensive view in a constantly changing business environment. To achieve this, we need to integrate the understanding of political risks with the overall economic frame,”says Mathias Järnström, Managing Director of Miltton Group.

Before joining Miltton, Kopra worked as an economist at SAK – The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, as a Capital Market Analyst at the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and as a Special Adviser at the Ministry of Finance. In addition to his new position, Kopra will continue as a Partner and senior advisor at Miltton Networks, which is subsidiary of Miltton Group specializing in public affairs.

“Successful leadership and communications demand companies to foresee and map societal changes and development. The unpredictable changes different countries and economies are facing have an increasingly important role in this process. My job is to follow the economic trends and to predict the effects economic policy making has on the operations of different companies in Finland and in the eurozone,” continues Kopra.


Further information:

 Ville Kopra
Senior advisor, partner
+358 40 826 1358

Mathias Järnström
CEO Miltton Group
+358 40 073 8002