Why Nordic Business Forum will have an impact on us in 2015

Autumn is a time for change and this motivates us to embrace new ideas. The season also draws us to events that encourage us to transform, such as Nordic Business Forum. But before we go, let’s reflect on where to focus our attention to get the most out of this year’s theme: Impact.

1. To give us courage to embrace challenge

Sometimes it is beneficial to view familiar things in a new light. By taking our minds to a new stimulating environment, we start challenging our existing patterns. As Joseph Schumpeter, the father behind the idea of creative destruction, points out: destruction is mandatory for new innovations, and inspirational people encourage us to be critical towards our own work to be even better versions of ourselves.

2. To remind us that we are allowed to fail

Arianna Huffington has admitted that one of the biggest challenges has been accepting failure, but her experience has taught her not to dread it. She has been quoting her mother by saying: “Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a stepping stone to success.” And she is by all means entitled to state so. After publishing her first book, her second one was rejected 37 times.

3. To prove the strength of great content

Content hasn’t become a catchword for nothing. As Guy Kawasaki states: “Content marketing is a good thing. It is a fair exchange: good content for attention and permission to market something.” All these inspirational speeches remind us that there is still a lot more content waiting to be created – and platforms such as Nordic Business Forum make us believe in our own personal impact in bringing it to life.

4.  To realize we don’t need to create everything from scratch

Innovation doesn’t merely mean something completely new. Think Airbnb and Uber. Both base their business on products that are not theirs to own. What else could be invented again in a new context? As Kawasaki summarizes, every successful company has one simple mission: “The cornerstone of a healthy company culture is creating a product or service that makes people’s lives better. From this, everything else flows.”

5. To give us the permission to be creative

We are sometimes too focused on keeping our ideas to ourselves. We may fear that someone will steal them or think they are not worthy enough. Nordic Business Forum encourages us to think otherwise. Mingle, meet and have meaningful conversations. You will always find someone to reflect your ideas with. There is an outstanding energy around and be shameless in absorbing all that in.


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Arianna Huffington and Guy Kawasaki are keynote speakers at this year’s event. Read more from Nordic Business Forum 2015 Report.


Pauliina Solanne works at Miltton in one of the marketing communications teams. She is especially interested in the possibilities of technology and future development of communications industry. Pauliina will be attending Nordic Business Forum 1.-2.10.

Twitter: @PauliinaSolanne