Miltton appoints Paula Salovaara and Carl Haglund as Board Members

Paula Salovaara and Carl Haglund have been appointed as Board Members of Miltton Group. Salovaara (M.B.A.) is a journalist and entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience as editor-in-chief, journalist and managing editor in various media. Haglund (M. Sc.), in addition to his background as a media entrepreneur, has acted as Chairman of the Swedish People’s Party of Finland, an MP, Minister of Defence and an MEP.

Jorma Ollila was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Miltton Group in June. He was assigned the task of assembling a board that can support Miltton in its growth and internationalisation.

”Breaking down the silos in the Finnish society is crucial. The best innovations are born when people from different backgrounds work together. At this point, I cannot imagine anyone more suitable than Haglund and Salovaara to help Miltton in its mission of supporting Finnish and Nordic companies and organisations in Finland as well as globally,” says Ollila.

An understanding of EU decision-making and advocacy at EU level have an increasingly larger effect on the success of Nordic companies. Carl Haglund brings to Miltton an understanding of the Nordic operational environment as well as personal experience of decision-making in the EU. Miltton will be focusing on developing its functions in Brussels in the near future.

The integration of different communication channels and a PR-based approach have been at the heart of Miltton’s work for years. The role of traditional media institutions is being redefined as the ways in which people use media are changing. Over the last few decades, Paula Salovaara has been part of the changing media landscape in Finland.

Salovaara and Haglund will start as Board Members immediately. Miltton will appoint new Board Members later in the future according to needs.