Miltton Insights VII: Corporate Advocacy – What Finns, Swedes and Estonians think about companies taking a stance

Miltton Insights report series continues with a wide research focusing on companies’ public stands on societal issues in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The Corporate Advocacy report has an undisputed result: people want companies to take part in societal discussion – even when the topics are strongly divisive.

Miltton asked from a thousand Finns, Swedes and Estonians respectively how they feel about companies’ taking stands and being part of solving societal problems. The answer was quite unanimous regardless of the country: companies need to take part in enhancing the perceived common good, to talk about their values and to participate in societal conversations, and not only through words but through actions as well. Only under 10 per cent of all respondents thought that companies should not take stands on societal matters. Especially the younger respondents expect their employers to speak out and have opinions – even on matters not directly concerning their business.

According to the results, companies’ societal stands and corporate activism is not just a passing trend. More and more consumers, investors and employees are willing to make sustainable choices for the environment, people and society. As communications have changed to real-time, it is harder and harder for businesses to maintain their roles as neutral bystanders.

But what topics interest people? Is it sensible to take part in corporate advocacy, when there are things to fix in your own actions as well? Is taking a stand economically beneficial? Answers to these and more questions can be found in our research report.

Read and download the report here.

The report is also available in Finnish here.

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