Miltton strengthens its Nordic Capital Markets team

Miltton, Finland’s largest communications group, strengthens its team focusing on strategic communications advisory related to corporate transactions and investor relations.

In January 2020, Laura Lindholm joined Miltton as Director, Investor Relations and PR. She is based in Stockholm and advises clients across the Nordics. Before joining Miltton, Laura has been responsible for investors relations and communications in Nordic mid and large cap companies with global operations.

In February, Director Eelis Hein also joined Miltton in Helsinki. Eelis has 30 years of experience in capital and financial markets, having worked in different positions in   investment banking and asset management.

Managing Director of Miltton Markets Antti Salomaa rejoices over a successful 2019 and the following need to further strengthen the capital markets team.

Laura and Eelis complement the capital markets team with their solid backgrounds from investor relations and capital markets. They are joining a team with diverse expertise as analysts, portfolio managers and professionals in PR, marketing and communications.”  

“Our clients know us as an advisory partner that can help them navigate the increasingly challenging environment of capital markets and corporate transactions. This requires a deep understanding of the different interests and expectations involved as well as companies’ roles as corporate citizens,” he says.

Laura Lindholm especially values Miltton’s way of combining expertise from societal discourse, communications and the capital market ecosystem.

The environment in which companies develop their investor relations and the recent regulatory changes in the capital markets create an increased need for this holistic perspective. Now more than ever, it is not sustainable to work in silos. Instead we need to build engaging and integrated communications for all stakeholders.”

“I look forward to leveraging my expertise in investor relations and strategic corporate communications for the benefit of our clients,” she says.

Eelis Hein recognizes similar developments in the capital markets:

“During my many years working in the capital and financial markets, stakeholder expectations towards companies’ communications have continually grown. I’m excited to bring my experience and insight in the investment markets to clients who need to address these challeges.”

For more than fifteen years, Miltton has developed a strong portfolio of corporate communications, PR-based marketing communications, advertising, and societal relations. Miltton’s mission is to be the most trusted advisor for Nordic companies and for international organisations in the New Nordic region.

For further information, please contact:

Antti Salomaa, Managing Director, Miltton Markets
antti.salomaa(a), +358 40 512 0889

Laura Lindholm, Director, Investor Relations and PR
laura.lindholm(a), +46 70 511 26 22

Eelis Hein, Director
eelis.hein(a), +358 40 592 9001