Miltton Sweden: 80 specialists working within PR, PA, digital design, AI, martech, CRM, branding, and analysis.

Miltton – a longstanding Finnish communications agency and multidisciplinary consultancy – started its journey in Sweden in 2015. The venture, which was then called Millton Labs, was the brainchild of three communication experts who wanted to challenge the traditional way of working with communications through an ambitious digital edge.

In 2018, Miltton acquired the advertising group House of Friends, a conglomerate for entrepreneurs in the field of marketing communications. The business idea of House of Friends was to combine creativity with automated communication, and to develop their respective niches in close collaboration with other entrepreneurs. With the acquisition of House of Friends, Miltton grew to consist nearly 400 people in five cities: Helsinki, Brussels, Tallinn, Washington D.C., and Stockholm.

The acquisition resulted in the communication house that Miltton Sweden is today: a reliable and creative player with wide-raging competences, operating in a world of constant change. Miltton Sweden consists of approximately 80 specialists working within public relations, corporate communications, public affairs, digital design, AI, martech, CRM, branding, as well as analysis and insigths. The competences are divided into four business areas that work in close collaboration with each other; Communications, Insight, Creative, and Studio.

Miltton Communications

Miltton Communications offers insight-driven strategic communication with a digital expertise within public relations and public affairs, as well as corporate, financial and sustainability communication. We assist companies and organizations in how to approach and position themselves towards their stakeholders, how to maximize impact, as well as how to find their role in a large societal context.

The Communications team consists of 13 experts with competences within corporate communications, investor relations, public affairs, public relations, as well as B2B and B2C communication.

Miltton Communications offers:


  • Communication strategy
  • Public affairs strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • CSR / sustainability strategy

Media work

  • Publicity work
  • Opinion pieces
  • Media advice
  • Press releases

Financial and sustainability reporting

  • Annual and interim reports
  • Sustainability reporting


  • Media training
  • Social media training
  • Crisis communication training

Other PR-activities

  • Social media campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Podcast marketing
  • Production of podcasts

External monitoring

  • External monitoring and analysis
  • Mapping political issues
  • Monitoring areas of interest

Advisory services

  • Personal branding
  • Crisis communication
  • Mapping and analysis of stakeholders

Miltton Creative

Miltton Creative defines, positions, and communicates brands. We are experts in digital transformation with innovation and creative communication as our starting point.The Creative team includes 15 experts in Art Directing, Service Design, UX, Copywriting, Planning, Brand Strategy, Project Management, and Production Management. 

Miltton Creative offers:

  • Brand concepts
  • Strategy
  • Web design & development
  • Advertising & communication
  • Creative concepts
  • Media strategy
  • VR & AR
  • Motion Graphics
  • Content Marketing
  • Service Design
  • Apps & Games
  • Gamification services / design
  • Eye-tracking & Neuroscience Studies

Miltton Insight

At Miltton Insight, we create profitability by delivering world-class customer experiences. We believe that the key to success lies in working analytically, customer-centric and data-driven. Knowing instead of guessing is our motto.

We have cutting-edge expertise in data-driven business development and can offer our clients strategic advice as well as programming and database analysis. In order to succeed in a digital world, we need to change how we think about systems, communication, and strategies. We also offer advice within new agile ways of organising and executing the work.

Miltton Insight offers:

Analysis and insights

  • Customer Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics & AI
  • Web analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer behavior


  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM / CVM
  • Customer Data Platform
  • System Design & Architecture

Communication and media

  • Data driven & Direct
  • Paid & Organic Search
  • SOME
  • UX
  • Digital Design
  • Content / Dialogue

Way of working

  • Change Management
  • Agile
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Leadership
  • Method


  • Planning
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer strategies (CRM / CVM)

Miltton Studio

Miltton Studio is a production agency with a long-term mindset. We change as our environment changes. Our focus is to create increased value for our customers by vivid and vibrant communication over a long time-period.

Our production capacity is unique, regarding print as well as digital content. Our production comprises everything from traditional print to the latest solutions within digital communication.

We deliver cost-effective communication with high quality on time. And we do so with creativity, passion, and pride.

Digital is as natural as print

Miltton Studio has a large production capacity that few can match, both regarding print and digital. We feel a huge pride in delivering on time, with high quality, and always in accordance with the graphic profile. We can help you with simple product sheets as well as complex campaigns with a large array of formats. Ads, billboards, catalogs, and annual reports – we love production and everything that comes with it.

Film production in large and small scale

Miltton Studio has an efficient production apparatus for creating films all the way from initial concept to finished film, in accordance to your brand strategy. We work quality oriented in a fast pace. In our production you will find promotional films, educational films, interviews, and films for social media, to name a few examples.

A love for profitable relationships

At Miltton Studio, we help you create long-term and profitable relationships through e-dr, newsletters, and social media. From us you can receive strategy, content, and analysis from all your digital communication. Therefore, we can together continuously improve the customer experience for both new and existing customers.

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